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Valerie Anderson M.Ed., C.Psych

Valerie is a registered counselling and educational Psychologist with the College of Psychologists in Ontario.


Valerie believes in creating a space for clients to feel heard, seen, and supported while exploring and discovering their authentic selves. Her approach reflects an appreciation for the connection between a person's mind, body and spirit and an understanding that life events can lead to challenges that may hinder one's emotional life, relationships and ability to live vibrantly.  


Valerie has experience and training in a variety of modalities including but not limited to CBT, Mindfulness and Body-based  Psychotherapy (bioenergetics analysis). Her primary approach is client centered: supporting each person to discover healing within themselves. 


Valerie has worked with children, teens and adults in her 25+ years of practice. Her practice has included working with 2SLGBTQ+IA individuals and neurodiverse individuals of all abilities.

To book an appointment with Valerie, please e-mail her atl with "Requesting Session" in the heading or call her at 

416-882-5111 and leave a message and she'll respond as soon as she can.

Valerie Anderson is currently a member of The Central Canada Society for Bioenergetics Analysis  


Mindfulness is a practice that involves being in the present moment with non-judgmental awareness. It can help create a deeper connection with your inner self, others, and the world around you.

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CBT is Cognitive Behavioural Therapy. CBT is a structured, problem/goal-focused form of psychotherapy. CBT helps to identify, question and change how thoughts, attitudes and beliefs relate to the emotional and behavioural reactions that cause difficulty.

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(Bioenergetics Analysis)

Bioenergetic analysis is a form of analytic psychotherapy which combines work with the body and with the mind to promote health and enhance one's pleasure in living.

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